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METAL DOWNLOADS (TORRENTS) / Beast - Dark City (2015)
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Metal, Rock, Heavy metal, Hard rock, Classic rock

CD Album
Standard Edition

Little Lady
Dark City
Keeping Your Touch
Lonely Nights
Time Machine
Black Woman
METAL DOWNLOADS (TORRENTS) / Blessthefall - To Those Left Behind (2015)
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Metal, Alternative metal, Emo, Core, Hardcore, Post-hardcore, Metalcore

CD Album
Standard Edition

Walk on Water
Dead Air
Up in Flames
Against the Waves
Looking Down from the Edge
Keep What We Love & Burn the Rest
Condition -- Comatose
To Those Left Behind
METAL DOWNLOADS (TORRENTS) / Elarmir - Human Wisdom (2015)
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Progressive metal, Symphonic metal, Power metal, Heavy metal, Death metal, Doom metal

CD Album
Standard Edition

Inert Insanity
Dish of Pain
Ante Thronum
False Myths
Human Wisdom
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METAL DOWNLOADS (TORRENTS) / V.A. - Metal Ballads (2017)
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CD Album - Collection Edition

Dancing With An Angel [ Ft Doro ]
Coast To Coast
Through The Rain
See Me In Shadow
Lonely Nights
The Promise
Songs for Angels
Might As Well Be On Mars
Love's Holding On
Wings To Fly
With The Wave Of Your Hand
I've Seen An Angel Cry
Better Sorry Than Safe
Over And Done
I Remember
Whats Left Of Me
Lost in Paradise
PRESENTACIONES / Bradley, Abbas, Norris and Surus Sudan
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REGLAS GENERALES / Gunnar, Tufail, Narkam and Inog Monaco
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METAL DOWNLOADS (TORRENTS) / Gorn, Ningal, Arokkh and Knut Saint kitts and nevis
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METAL DOWNLOADS (TORRENTS) / Saturas, Dargoth, Innostian and Potros Slovenia
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